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Community Involvement

2023 Meeting Schedule: 6:00 PM 

101 St. Suite A

East Aurora, NY

January 19

February 16

March 16

April 20

May 18

June 15

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September 21

October 19

November 16

December 21

Guest Speakers

Dreaming in Ink enjoys having published authors present to our group as a learning session. 

Author Lissa Marie Redmond, born and raised in Western New York, presented at our March 2022 meeting. Lissa provided us with tips on writing and publishing and answered our questions – of which there were many.


As a detective, she handled several high-profile cases and appeared on numerous television shows including Dateline, The Nightmare Next Door, and Murder by Numbers. After being a law enforcement detective for over 22 years, she retired to pursue a “normal” life and she became a writer.

         The Edie Koch Memorial Scholarship

         (Sponsored by the Dreaming In Ink Writers Group)

The Dreaming In Ink Writers Group is the proud sponsor of the Edie Koch Memorial Scholarship. It was awarded in May to a Lancaster (NY) High School senior who loves writing and has met the publicized award criteria.

Edie Koch was a long-time Lancaster resident who had a great passion for writing poetry and co-founded the Basics-2-Bylines writers’ group. She was quite involved in the school district, from which her three sons graduated.




2022 Winning Entry in

The Edie Koch Memorial Scholarship Writing Contest

                                The Wishing Well by Therasa Straka


 You never crossed you’re A’s

when we played

the crossword game.


Didn’t dot your I’s,

but I tried

when the turn was mine.


I wish I did believe in God.

I wish that I could ask him this.

I wish for one more smile,

one more hug and kiss.


I wish you could watch me graduate.

I wish you could ask me how I’ve been.

I wish I could say that I’m okay.

I wish I could hear your laugh again.


I wish on the Wishing Well

in the newspaper,

and I wish you well

for forever,

and I wish that you could see me at my best.


I wish I could visit you

just one more time

to say a

casual goodbye,

and maybe just one final game of chess.


I wish on the Wishing Well.

© 2022 by Dreaming In Ink Writers Group WNY

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